Dimples Quotes

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Dimples Quotes

Dimples should come with a warning: Dangerous! Could knock your world off its axis, categorized as a weapon, proceed with caution.

Adriana Law

Then she smiles, and it turns out she has dimples, and it’s all over.

Amie Kaufman

A woman could do a lot of crazy things for a pair of fine-looking dimples.

Amy Andrews

The merry green eyes and a roguish dimple in one cheek.

C.S. Harris

Dimples crinkle up the skin near his lips. I will not look at his lips. How can he never have used those? That’s a crime against humanity right there.

Carrie Jones

Because of my dimples. Dimples are a get out of jail free card.

Dean Koontz

Oh, sweet is thy current by town and by tower, the green Sunnyvale and the dark linden bower. Thy waves as they dimple smile back on the plain, And Rhine, ancient river, thou’rt German again!

Horace Binney Wallace

If there is love, smallpox scars are as pretty as dimples.

Japanese Proverb

The dimple appeared. I like staring at you. My brows rose. He chuckled. That kind of sounded creepy, didn’t it? What I meant is that well, yeah, I like staring at you. So it is as creepy as it sounds.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

He had the kind of smile that inhabited every part of his face his eyes, his cheeks, there was even a dimple.

Kristin Hannah

I feel about mothers the way I feel about dimples. Because I do not have one myself, I notice everyone who does.

Letty Cottin Pogrebin

God, there’s nothing sexier than a nice strong jawline and a movie star quality chin dimple. It’s my own personal kryptonite.

Lisa Daily

I don’t care if we only have a few days together, I want to spend every second by your side. I want to memorize every curve of your face, and I want to see you smile and kiss that dimple in your cheek.

Lisa Kessler

Lovely dimples, like little dents in cream. I have given up all hope of dimples. My dimple dream will never come true; but so many of my dreams have that I mustn’t complain. Am I all ready now?

Lucy Maud Montgomery

He’s trying not to laugh, but the telltale dimple gives it away.

Nicola Yoon

The attachment of the human skin to muscles is what causes dimples.

Noel Botham

There are a good many real miseries in life that we cannot help smiling at, but they are the smiles that make wrinkles and not dimples.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Low gurgling laughter, as sweet as the swallow’s song I the South, And a ripple of dimples that, dancing, meet By the curves of a perfect mouth.

Paul Hamilton Hayne

A dimple on the chin, a devil within.

Pope Paul VI

Wherever there is power, there is age. Don’t be deceived by dimples and curls. I tell you that babe is a thousand years old.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Her color was high, and there were deep dimples at the corners of her mouth. She looked nine miles out of place, but he had never loved her more. This was Willa on the edge of a smile.

Stephen King

If there is love, smallpox scars are as pretty as dimples. I’ll love your face no matter what it looks like. Because it’s yours.

Stephen King

Many a man in love with a dimple makes the mistake of marrying the whole girl.

Stephen Leacock

People with dimple have a divine role in this universe: smile!

Toba Beta

Dimples on the face of a girl are more sweeter than sugar.


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