England Quotes

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England Quotes

In England, everything stops for tea.


The people of England are the most enthusiastic in the world.

Benjamin Disraeli

England has always been disinclined to accept human nature.

E. M. Forster

In England, your life is your life.

Eric Cantona

You never find an Englishman among the under dogs except England, of course.

Evelyn Waugh

England’s always expecting. No wonder they call her the Mother Country

Fred Trueman

England is a country of pianos, they are everywhere.

Frederic Chopin

England and America are two countries separated by the same language.

George Bernard Shaw

Quotes about england

England is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, anomalies, hobbies, and humors.

George Santayana

England is never in a hurry because she is eternal.

Henryk Sienkiewicz

England expects every man to do his duty

Horatio Nelson

It’s not that hard to be glamorous in England.

Isabel Fonseca

England is like the margin of a spring-run: near its source, always green, always cool, always moist, comparatively free from frost in winter and from drought in summer.

John Burroughs

England is not a country of granite and marble, but of chalk, marl, and clay.

John Burroughs

England is merely an island of beef swimming in a warm gulf stream of gravy.

Katherine Mansfield

England is a nation of shopkeepers.

Napoleon Bonaparte

It is not summer, England doesn’t have summer, it has continuous autumn with a fortnight’s variation here and there.

Natasha Pulley

Just close your eyes – and think of England.

Queen Victoria

England has two books, the Bible and Shakespeare. England made Shakespeare, but the Bible made England.

Victor Hugo

England has forty-two religions and only two sauces.


If you want to eat well in England, eat three breakfasts.

W. Somerset Maugham

England is safe, if true within itself.

William Shakespeare

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