Escaping Quotes

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Escaping Quotes

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

Abraham Lincoln

The only way to escape the personal corruption of praise is to go on working.

Albert Einstein

It was a great escape for me and it was a way to take a break from what was going on in my own world, to go into another world.

Alice Hoffman

For intelligent people, action often means escape from thought, but it is a reasonable and a wise escape.

Andre Maurois

To run away from trouble is a form of cowardice and, while it is true that the suicide braves death, he does it not for some noble object but to escape some ill.


An important step in escaping mediocrity is to stop worrying about what other people think of you.

Bryant McGill

There is no escaping the fact that when the taxation of large incomes is excessive, they tend to disappear.

Calvin Coolidge

The only way to escape the abyss is to look at it, gauge it, sound it out and descend into it.

Cesare Pavese

Quote about escape

One of the greatest obstacles to escaping poverty is the staggering cost of higher education.

Chris Van Hollen

There’s no escaping fate, it just keeps going. Day and night, the future just keeps coming at you.

Chuck Palahniuk

A man has only one escape from his old self: to see a different self in the mirror of some woman’s eyes.

Clare Boothe Luce

We spend more time developing means of escaping our troubles than we do solving the troubles we’re trying to escape from.

David Lloyd

There is no escaping the fact that, even in a great career, sometimes the best advances happen through luck, chance and accident.

Edmond H. Fischer

To escape criticism – do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.

Elbert Hubbard

There was no escaping by means of any journey, however adventurous, one took one’s problems and sorrows with one.

Elizabeth Aston

Javascript escape quotes

No idea can succeed except at the expense of sacrifice; no one ever escapes without enduring strain from the struggle of life.

Ernest Renan

The problem with escaping is that we leave behind us, even among those we love, different versions of the truth and everything we couldn’t bring ourselves to say.

Frederick Weisel

The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he never knows he’s in prison.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

To men who only aim at escaping felony, nothing short of the prisoner’s dock is disgrace.

George Eliot

If you should escape the censure of others, hope not to escape your own.

Henry Home

Of all escape mechanisms, death is the most efficient.

Henry Ward Beecher

Think you’re escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home.

James Joyce

You can escape into a character.

John Candy

The part always has a tendency to reunite with its whole in order to escape from its imperfection.

Leonardo da Vinci

If you escape from people too often, you wind up escaping from yourself.

Marvin Gaye

Escape quotes

Forget about what you are escaping from. Reserve your anxiety for what you are escaping to.

Michael Chabon

The surest way to escape anxiety and defeat despair is action. Do, don’t dwell.

Michael Josephson

Every time you think of escaping mentally or physically, grab the book that lies inches away from your heart.

Muna Adnan Naqi

There is no escaping from ourselves. The human dilemma is as it has always been, and we solve nothing fundamental by cloaking ourselves in technological glory.

Neil Postman

Escaping into a film is not like escaping into a book. Books force you to give something back to them, to exercise your intelligence and imagination, where as you can watch a film-and even enjoy it-in a state of mindless passivity.

Paul Auster

We can spend our whole lives escaping from the monsters of our minds.Â

Pema Chödrön

No one can escape life’s pain. That’s life.

Pierce Brosnan

We can escape the commonplace only by manipulating it, controlling it, thrusting it into our dreams or surrendering it to the free play of our subjectivity.

Raoul Vaneigem

The best way to escape from your problem is to solve it.

Robert Anthony

There is only one way left to escape the alienation of present day society: to retreat ahead of it.

Roland Barthes

It is always fair sailing, when you escape evil.


Escape brings not the victory and the crown.

Sri Aurobindo

Escapism isn’t good or bad in itself. What is important is what you are escaping from and where you are escaping to.Â

Terry Pratchett

You can not escape a prison if you do not know you’re in one.

Vernon Howard

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