Good morning Friday images and quotes


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Good morning Friday images and quotes

Put the smile on your shining face this morning, thank God for waking you up this special day. I love Friday because it is so cute and closest to a weekend. It gives me glad tidings about the future. Good morning!


In this glowing morning time, cover yourself with the veil of light and never give up on what you believe in. Verily, everything will be fine as soon as possible. I just want to say good morning!


You are a wonderful angel so it is my responsibility to always make you smile and feel good about yourself. You are too sweet, so it won’t be fine to see you sad. Stand up and smile to the sunshine. Good morning!


Whenever you wake up early in the morning, always bow down in humbleness to praise your Lord because He woke you up after a long deep sleep all through the night. Smile at the sunshine and be cheerful.


Lovely morning has come and it is our right to be happy. It is a wonderful feeling to realize that the one you love so much smiling at you. I love the morning time because it shines light on the flower of my life.


Every moment of my life is in one way or the other part of yours. It is a great privilege that I came across a wonderful treasure like you in my life—I just want to remind you that today is Friday; so have a fantastic day ahead.


Good morning Friday images and quotes

I miss you and I wish I am there with you to keep you warm. I can’t just stop thinking about you because I am so much addicted to you. How was your night baby’ I hope you had a wonderful night?


In the beginning, I felt so bad about myself because I was going through a lot of problems until you came into my life. You are the most interesting person I have ever set my eyes on since the day I was born.


Your beautiful face has given deepest feeling I have ever set my eyes on. You are the best angel that has ever come into my life. I hope you are fine and everything is going on as you wanted? I love you. Good morning!


Baby, put a smile on your face and prepare to face any challenge that comes your way. I wish you all the best for you. I hope everything is fine with you? AND I just want to say good morning. Happy Friday!


Thank God it is Friday, may the smile of joy and prosperity find no way out of our life; may the light of the best day of the week shine upon us and our entire family! Every day of your life shall be filled with grace and endless mercy.


May the grace of the Lord find its way to your door step and fill your life with total joy and happiness. I pray that the most desired dream of yours be fulfilled any moment from now. Everything you desire shall come to pass.