Good morning quotes for lover


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Good morning quotes for lover

My only dream is that you wake me instead of my alarm…Good Morning my love!!


You know a lot of things but you can never know that how much i love you…Good morning…get up!!


If i wake up thousands of miles away from you it doesn’t matter beacause you are in my heart. Good Morning!!


I told this messages to go to the most lovely person of my life and now you are reading this message. Good Morning handsome!!


I fall in love with you every morning when i see you smiling face. Good you.


What a woman can hope for her good life? She needs a man who can lighten every day of her life..And i’m happy with you. Good Morning!!


Good morning quotes for lover

My heart skipped a beat then i felt that my other half has now woke up. Good Morning Darling!!


Do you know what i appreciate most of all?? It’s your smile….keep smiling always. Good Morning!!


The bird singing on your window is really my campanion who is helping me to express my feelings for you. Good Morning my love!!


The sun itself makes a compliment on your beauty every morning and fills your room with its warmth. Good Morning!!


You are much cute in the morning even there is  wrinkle on your forehead…haha…just kidding….Gud Mng Handsome!!


Good Morning have spoiled me with your care and love…i want to wake up with you you.