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Good morning quotes with romantic images

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Good morning quotes with romantic images

  • “Joy can be found in everything that we do. If you don’t enjoy doing it with him, it’s not love.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Living is about being loved by the one person in the world that has touched your heart like no other.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Love is a risk. Sometimes you get hurt, and sometimes, love opens your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Lies are worth a 1000 truths. Being dishonest is a recipe for disaster.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Ludicrous is the only word that describes the pain a person feels when they are no longer loved.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Relationships are nurtured to become stronger over time.” … GUD MORNING!


  • Good morning quotes with romantic images


  • Love boils over from a person’s heart. If she doesn’t love you now, filling her heart with love for herself is the next best thing.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Relationships come and go, but the right one will always find their way back into your heart.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Hearts are as fragile as a vase. Love is the glue that holds it all together.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “People always lie when they say that they love someone so much that no one else will understand. That is the same love that every person feels with the right person.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “You don’t always need to be with the one you love. It’s enough for them to know that they are in your heart.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Someone with a good heart is better than someone with a great smile or the perfect body.” … GUD MORNING!
  • Good morning quotes with romantic images
  • “Every day I try to overwhelm the girl I love so that there is no way she could possibly handle it.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Men and women are designed to be together; they have different strengths and weaknesses that make them whole.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “There is no relationship in the world that doesn’t require work and commitment.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Even the happiest of couples will fight behind closed doors. What matters most is when couples are committed to fighting through their problems together.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Relationships aren’t what define your live. They are the cherry on top.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Opening yourself up is the only way to make a relationship last.” … GUD MORNING!
  • Good morning quotes with romantic images


  • “Don’t think about your relationships of the past. Instead, be in the moment and focus on the love you receive.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Love is the answer to most people’s problems. A little love and support is all that’s needed for a lifetime of happiness.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “When you close your eyes and picture a perfect world, your partner should always be by your side.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Relationships are the only form of entertainment that never grows old.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Unwavering trust is the foundation in which all healthy relationships begin.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “No one can grow in the shade. A person belongs in the sun so that they can grow.” … GUD MORNING!
  • Good morning quotes with romantic images


  • “Honesty and intimacy go hand-in-hand.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “The person that loves the least in the relationship is always the person that remains in control.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Catching the perfect man is an art that many women perfect. Holding a man is a job that most women can’t handle.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Obligation should never be the basis of any relationship. Honesty and trust should be the basis.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “There are billions of people in the world, and the only one that truly matters is the person that has our heart.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Relationships are not about tomorrow or yesterday. Relationships are about being in the now, never wanting to close your eyes in fear that it will all go away.” … GUD MORNING!
  • Good morning quotes with romantic images
  • “A new world is born by the people we meet – the ones we share our lives with.”… GUD MORNING!


  • “Being in love is about being free to be yourself.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “When the rest of the world walks out, real love will stay by your side.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “The meeting of two people meant to be sets off the world’s strongest chemical reaction: love.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “You have to find the right person worth suffering for.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Fear of another person not caring at all stops love from truly blossoming.” … GUD MORNING!


  • Good morning quotes with romantic images
  • “An hour of play teaches you more about a person that an hour of conversation.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “You can’t control the person that your heart loves. Falling in love isn’t about choosing a person that is fun; it is about going for something completely out of your own control.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Two people are needed to unite.” … GUD MORNING!

Also see:

  • “Being treated like perfectly normal is not what a woman wants. She wants to be treated as anything but normal by you.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Trust is the rock of every relationship that either causes an avalanche, or a lasting mark that will never go away.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “We love each other because at the end of the day, we would never want to wake up next to another person.” … GUD MORNING!
  • Good morning quotes with romantic images


  • “Love doesn’t exist in measurements. True love keeps giving without a second thought.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Believe a person the first time they show you who they really are.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Listen to what a woman says not with your ears, but by staring into her eyes.” … GUD MORNING!

Also see:

  • “Love is an enigma that softens the heart, or completely shatters it.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Husbands and wives should always share the world’s closest relationships.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “People change and often don’t tell each other; acceptance allows the love to last.” … GUD MORNING!
  • Good morning quotes with romantic images
  • “Assumptions are the poison in which the strongest relationships succumb.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Brutal honesty is the only way to be in a relationship.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “I want to be with someone I respect and admire.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “One day, he or she will be old, but love doesn’t see age; it sees perfection.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “It doesn’t matter how you look today or tomorrow; it matters how he makes you feel when he looks at you.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “There are a thousand gifts that he could buy, but love is the only one that is priceless.” … GUD MORNING!
  • Good morning quotes with romantic images


  • “Who wants a mansion or a house on a lake when you’re not madly in love with someone to share it with?” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Falling in love is the easy part. Making love last is the true feat.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Love starts with a spark of interest that leads to the whole body being enveloped in something that is unexplainably beautiful and unique.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “People are not losers when they love someone. People only lose when they don’t tell the person they love how special they are.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “We can choose our friends, but the heart has a way of choosing the person we really love.” … GUD MORNING!


  • “Relationships are meant to be treasured from the moment they start to the moment they fade into our memories.” … GUD MORNING!


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