Being Confused Quotes

[wpsm_quote author=”A. A. Milne” float=”none” width=”100%”]For I am a bear of very little brain and long words bother me.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Beyonce Knowles” float=”none” width=”100%”]Whenever I’m confused about something, I ask God to reveal the answers to my questions, and he does.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Bob Schneider” float=”none” width=”100%”]Love is when two people who care for each other get confused.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Douglas Adams” float=”none” width=”100%”]The little waiter’s eyebrows wandered about his forehead in confusion.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Edward R. Murrow” float=”none” width=”100%”]Anyone who isn’t confused, really doesn’t understand the situation.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Henna Inam” float=”none” width=”100%”]Confused? Confusion is good. It’s an excellent place to learn something new from.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Henry Wadsworth Longfellow” float=”none” width=”100%”]It is difficult to know at what moment love begins; it is less difficult to know that it has begun.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Irene Peter” float=”none” width=”100%”]Today, if you are not confused, you are not thinking clearly.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”J.D. Salinger” float=”none” width=”100%”]It’s funny. All you have to do is say something nobody understands and they’ll do practically anything you want them to.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Janet Jackson” float=”none” width=”100%”]To be given permission to be confused — and remain confused — for as long as it takes would have been a huge gift.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Janet Jackson” float=”none” width=”100%”]To cut off the confusion and accept an answer just because it’s too scary not to have an answer is a good way to get the wrong answer.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”John Gay” float=”none” width=”100%”]Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Johnny Depp” float=”none” width=”100%”]I pretty much try to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Karen Marie Moning” float=”none” width=”100%”]The most confused we ever get is when we’re trying to convince our heads of something our heart knows is a lie.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Larry Leissner” float=”none” width=”100%”]If confusion is the first step to knowledge, I must be a genius.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Mark Twain” float=”none” width=”100%”]The more you explain it, the more I don’t understand it.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Michael Stipe” float=”none” width=”100%”]Sometimes I’m confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn’t obvious[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Muriel Rukeyser” float=”none” width=”100%”]However confused the scene of our life appears, however torn we may be who now do face that scene, it can be faced, and we can go on to be whole.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Neil Gaiman” float=”none” width=”100%”]We often confuse what we wish for with what is.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Robert Frost” float=”none” width=”100%”]I’m not confused, I’m just well mixed.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Samuel Goldwyn” float=”none” width=”100%”]If I look confused it is because I am thinking.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Sarah Dessen” float=”none” width=”100%”]I was just stock in the middle, vague and undefined.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Stephen Chbosky” float=”none” width=”100%”]I am both happy and sad at the same time, and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Toba Beta” float=”none” width=”100%”]When you don’t know where to start, just go to a place you miss so much.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Tom Peters” float=”none” width=”100%”]If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Tom Waits” float=”none” width=”100%”]We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness. We are monkeys with money and guns.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”unknown” float=”none” width=”100%”]Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, be strong and keep reminding your self that everything happens for a reason.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”unknown” float=”none” width=”100%”]You can’t follow your heart when it is more confused than your head.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Walter F. Mondale” float=”none” width=”100%”]If you are sure you understand everything that is going on, you are hopelessly confused.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”William Golding” float=”none” width=”100%”]I am here; and here is nowhere in particular.[/wpsm_quote]