Belief Quotes

[wpsm_quote author=”Abhijit Naskar” float=”none” width=”100%”]It is one thing to believe and another to know.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Anton Chekhov” float=”none” width=”100%”]Man is what he believes.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Antonio Porchia” float=”none” width=”100%”]He who does not know how to believe, should not know.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Bangambiki Habyarimana” float=”none” width=”100%”]When you believe it, you’ve created it, whatever it is.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Bertrand Russell” float=”none” width=”100%”]A widespread belief is more often likely to be foolish than sensible.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Catrice M. Jackson” float=”none” width=”100%”]You will only rise to the level of your belief.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”David Hume” float=”none” width=”100%”]A wise man … proportions his belief to the evidence.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Elly Roselle” float=”none” width=”100%”]A belief is not an idea held by the mind, it is an idea that holds the mind.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Euripides” float=”none” width=”100%”]He who believes needs no explanation.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Felix Cohen” float=”none” width=”100%”]Generally the theories we believe we call facts, and the facts we disbelieve we call theories. [/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”G.I. Gurdjieff” float=”none” width=”100%”]I ask you to believe nothing that you cannot verify for yourself.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Georg Christoph Lichtenberg” float=”none” width=”100%”]First we have to believe, and then we believe.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Henry David Thoreau” float=”none” width=”100%”]Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Johann Wolfgang von Goethe” float=”none” width=”100%”]Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”John Lancaster Spalding” float=”none” width=”100%”]Few really believe. The most only believe that they believe or even make believe.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”John Lubbock” float=”none” width=”100%”]There can be no merit in believing something which you can neither explain nor understand.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”John Mayer” float=”none” width=”100%”]Belief is a beautiful armor, but it makes for the heaviest sword.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”John Stuart Mill” float=”none” width=”100%”]One person with a belief is equal to ninety nine who have only interests.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Jose Bergamin” float=”none” width=”100%”]A belief which leaves no place for doubt is not a belief; it is a superstition.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Julius Caesar” float=”none” width=”100%”]Men freely believe that which they desire.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Karen Marie Moning” float=”none” width=”100%”]It’s what you choose to believe that makes you the person you are.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Lin Yutang” float=”none” width=”100%”]The more we justify our beliefs, the more narrow-minded we become.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Mahatma Gandhi” float=”none” width=”100%”]To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Marc Reklau” float=”none” width=”100%”]ur beliefs on you. It’s always you who in the last instance can permit a belief to be true for you or not![/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Melody Beattie” float=”none” width=”100%”]Beliefs create reality.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Neville Berkowitz” float=”none” width=”100%”]All beliefs and belief systems boil down to having faith in something we would like to believe to be the truth. [/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Noah Porter” float=”none” width=”100%”]Remember that what you believe will depend very much on what you are.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Ralph Waldo Emerson” float=”none” width=”100%”]We are born believing. A man bears beliefs as a tree bears apples.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Ray Bradbury” float=”none” width=”100%”]Believe in one thing too much and you have no room for new ideas.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Richard Bach” float=”none” width=”100%”]Strong beliefs win strong men, and then make them stronger.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Robert A. Heinlein” float=”none” width=”100%”]Belief gets in the way of learning.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Robert Anthony” float=”none” width=”100%”]If you want to know what your true beliefs are, take a look at your actions.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Robert Anton Wilson” float=”none” width=”100%”]Belief is the death of intelligence.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Robert Brault” float=”none” width=”100%”]An old belief is like an old shoe. We so value its comfort that we fail to notice the hole in it.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Robert Brault” float=”none” width=”100%”]In the end you regret less the things you believed that weren’t true than the things that never came true because you didn’t believe. [/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Robert Brault” float=”none” width=”100%”]Never believe anything that requires you to hate people who do not believe it.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Roy T. Bennett” float=”none” width=”100%”]Be brave to stand for what you believe in even if you stand alone.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Roy T. Bennett” float=”none” width=”100%”]Beliefs are choices. First you choose your beliefs. Then your beliefs affect your choices.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Saji Ijiyemi” float=”none” width=”100%”]Whatever you believe is true is true even if it is not true.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Sam Harris” float=”none” width=”100%”]As a man believes, so he will act.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Seneca” float=”none” width=”100%”]Every man prefers belief to the exercise of judgment.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Sigmund Freud” float=”none” width=”100%”]Just as no one can be forced into belief, so no one can be forced into unbelief. [/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Steven Redhead” float=”none” width=”100%”]The belief that others think they are right doesn’t mean that they are.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Thomas Fuller” float=”none” width=”100%”]He does not believe that does not live according to his belief.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”unknown” float=”none” width=”100%”]Everything is possible for him who believes.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Ursula K. Le Guin” float=”none” width=”100%”]Belief is the wound that knowledge heals.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Veronica Roth” float=”none” width=”100%”]You don’t believe things because they make your life better, you believe them because they’re true.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Walt Disney” float=”none” width=”100%”]When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”William James” float=”none” width=”100%”]Belief creates the actual fact.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”William James” float=”none” width=”100%”]Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.[/wpsm_quote]