Biology Quotes

[wpsm_quote author=”Alphonse De Lamartine” float=”none” width=”100%”]History is neither more nor less than biography on a large scale.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Amit Kalantri” float=”none” width=”100%”]Let us make sure that future generations write our biography.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Anthony Daniels” float=”none” width=”100%”]Life is a biography, not a series of disconnected moments, more or less pleasurable but increasingly tedious and unsatisfying unless one imposes a purposive pattern upon them.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Art Shay” float=”none” width=”100%”]A photograph is a biography of a moment.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Caroline Myss” float=”none” width=”100%”]Your biography becomes your biology.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Catherine Drinker Bowen” float=”none” width=”100%”]In writing biography, fact and fiction shouldn’t be mixed. And if they are, the fictional points should be printed in red ink, the facts printed in black ink.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Charles Baudelaire” float=”none” width=”100%”]The immense appetite we have for biography comes from a deep-seated sense of equality.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Dmitri Shostakovich” float=”none” width=”100%”]The most uninteresting part of the biography of a composer is his childhood. All those preludes are the same and the reader hurries on to the fugue.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Edmund Clerihew Bentley” float=”none” width=”100%”]The art of biography is different from geography. Geography is about maps, but biography is about chaps.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Edmund White” float=”none” width=”100%”]Biography can be the most middle-class of all forms, the judgment of little people avenging themselves on the great.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Erica Jong” float=”none” width=”100%”]Biography is essentially a collaborative art, the latest biographer collaborating with all those who wrote earlier.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”George Bernard Shaw” float=”none” width=”100%”]When you read a biography remember that the truth is never fit for publication.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”H. G. Wells” float=”none” width=”100%”]A biography should be a dissection and demonstration of how a particular human being was made and worked.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Henry Ward Beecher” float=”none” width=”100%”]Someone calls biography the home aspect of history.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Hermione Lee” float=”none” width=”100%”]Writing a biography is not a love affair. It’s not a marriage. It’s a job, it’s a piece of work.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Iris Origo” float=”none” width=”100%”]Behind each biography there should always be a rich treasury of unformulated knowledge, a tapestry that has not been unrolled.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Jose Ortega Y Gasset” float=”none” width=”100%”]Biography is: a system in which the contradictions of a human life are unified.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Joyce Carol Oates” float=”none” width=”100%”]A typical biography relying upon individuals’ notorious memories and the anecdotes they’ve invented contains a high degree of fiction, yet is considered ‘nonfiction.'[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Keshia Chante” float=”none” width=”100%”]Live your life as if you are writing your Biography.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Linda Simon” float=”none” width=”100%”]Biography cannot be separated from autobiography: that is, the life written about is inextricably entangled with the life of the biographer.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Louis Fischer” float=”none” width=”100%”]Biography is history seen through the prism of a person.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Mark Feeney” float=”none” width=”100%”]Once the implicit aim of biography was to uplift now it is to unveil.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Narendra Modi” float=”none” width=”100%”]If you read the biography of any great man, you will always notice two things: His mother’s contribution in his progress and his teacher’s contribution in his growth and development.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Philip Guedalla” float=”none” width=”100%”]Biography is a very definite region bounded on the north by history, on the south by fiction, on the east by obituary, and on the west by tedium.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Rachel Holmes” float=”none” width=”100%”]A biography is never a biography of one person, of course, but the individual life of your protagonist will never conform. It will always bang up against history.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Rachel Holmes” float=”none” width=”100%”]For me the fascination with biography is the life of the individual in the context of history.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Ralph Waldo Emerson” float=”none” width=”100%”]All history is biography.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Ralph Waldo Emerson” float=”none” width=”100%”]History – a biography of a few stout and earnest persons.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Ralph Waldo Emerson” float=”none” width=”100%”]There is properly no history; only biography.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Rebecca West” float=”none” width=”100%”]All good biography, as all good fiction, comes down to the study of original sin, of our inherent disposition to choose death when we ought to choose life.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Robert Baden-Powell” float=”none” width=”100%”]Almost any biography will have its useful suggestions for making life a success, but none better or more unfailing than the biography of Christ.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Robert Caro” float=”none” width=”100%”]You can use a biography to examine political power, but only if you pick the right guy.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Samuel Smiles” float=”none” width=”100%”]The great lesson of biography is to show what man can be and do at his best. A noble life put fairly on record acts like an inspiration to others.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Thomas Carlyle” float=”none” width=”100%”]Biography is the most universally pleasant and profitable of all reading.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Thomas Carlyle” float=”none” width=”100%”]Biography is the only true history.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Thomas Carlyle” float=”none” width=”100%”]No great man lives in vain. The history of the world is but the biography of great men.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Thomas Szasz” float=”none” width=”100%”]There is no psychology; there is only biography and autobiography.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Thornton Wilder” float=”none” width=”100%”]The art of biography is more difficult than is generally supposed.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Tim Hansel” float=”none” width=”100%”]Our theology must become biography.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Tom Stoppard” float=”none” width=”100%”]Art cannot be subordinate to its subject, otherwise it is not art but biography.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Tom Stoppard” float=”none” width=”100%”]Biography is the mesh through which real life escapes.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Tony Robbins” float=”none” width=”100%”]Your biography is not your destiny, your decisions are.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”V. S. Naipaul” float=”none” width=”100%”]The biography of a writer – or even the autobiography – will always have this incompleteness.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Virginia Woolf” float=”none” width=”100%”]A biography is considered complete if it merely accounts for six or seven selves, whereas a person may well have as many as a thousand.[/wpsm_quote]