Cat Quotes

1. Cats rule the world. – Jim Davis

2. Meow means woof in cat. – George Carlin

3. I purr, therefore I am. – Anonymous

4. A meow massages the heart. – Stuart McMillan

5. There are no ordinary cats. – Colette

6. Cats are living adornments. – Edwin Lent

7. One cat just leads to another. – Ernest Hemingway

8. Cats, like men, are flatterers. – Walter Savage Landor

9. If you want to write, keep cats. – Aldous Huxley

10. Cats are connoisseurs of comfort. – James Herriot

11. Every life should have nine cats. – Anonymous

12. Cats choose us; we don’t own them. – Kristin Cast

13. If cats could talk, they wouldn’t. – Nan Porter

14. Cats will outsmart dogs every time. – John Grogan

15. The smallest feline is a masterpiece. – Leonardo da Vinci

16. Time spent with a cat is never wasted. – Colette

17. Her function is to sit and be admired. – Georgina Strickland Gates

18. Cats, like butterflies, need no excuse. – Robert A. Heinlein

19. Who needs television when you have cats? – Lori Spigelmyer

20. The smart cat doesn’t let on that he is. – H.G. Frommer

21. What greater gift than the love of a cat? – Charles Dickens

22. I am as vigilant as a cat to steal cream. – William Shakespeare

23. The phrase ‘domestic cat’ is an oxymoron. – George Will

24. The cat is above all things, a dramatist. – Margaret Benson

25. The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat. – Jules Renard

26. Cats are smart. You know it and I know it. – Debbie Mertens

27. The cat does not negotiate with the mouse. – Robert K. Massie

28. Meow is like aloha – it can mean anything. – Hank Ketchum

29. I used to love dogs until I discovered cats. – Nafisa Joseph

30. I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat. – Edgar Allan Poe

31. As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. – Ellen Perry Berkeley

32. All cats like being the focus of attention. – Peter Gray

33. Cats never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic. – Lillian Jackson Braun

34. Civilization is defined by the presence of cats. – Unknown

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35. A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution. – Hazel Nicholson

36. There is no more intrepid explorer than a kitten. – Jules Champfleury

37. You can not look at a sleeping cat and feel tense. – Jane Pauley

38. A cat allows you to sleep on the bed. On the edge. – Jenny de Vries

39. The trouble with cats is that they’ve got no tact. – P. G. Wodehouse

40. A dog will flatter you but you have to flatter the cat. – George Mikes

41. There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast. – Unknown

42. Those who’ll play with cats must expect to be scratched. – Miguel de Cervantes

43. You can’t own a cat. The best you can do is be partners. – Sir Harry Swanson

44. Winners are different. They’re a different breed of cat. – Byron Nelson

45. I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats. – Eckhart Tolle

46. People that don’t like cats haven’t met the right one yet. – Deborah A. Edwards

47. Most beds sleep up to six cats. Ten cats without the owner. – Stephen Baker

48. People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts around. – Susan Easterly

49. By associating with the cat, one only risks becoming richer. – Colette

50. Essentially, you do not so much teach your cat as bribe him. – Lynn Hollyn

51. The trouble with a kitten is that eventually it becomes a cat. – Ogden Nash

52. Cats are kindly masters, just so long as you remember your place. – Paul Gray

53. Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes! – Theophile Gautier

54. There’s no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat. – Wesley Bates

55. An ordinary kitten will ask more questions than any five year old. – Carl Van Vechten

56. Cats are creatures that express a multitude of moods and attitudes. – Karen Brademeyer

57. One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home. – Pam Brown

58. Any cat who misses a mouse pretends it was aiming for the dead leaf. – Charlotte Gray

59. How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven. – Robert A. Heinlein

60. Most cats are not shy about letting their people know what they want. – Karen Duprey

61. It always gives me a shiver when I see a cat seeing what I can’t see. – Eleanor Farjeon

62. If you yell at a cat, you’re the one who is making a fool of yourself. – Unknown

63. There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. – Albert Schweitzer

64. I take care of my flowers and my cats. And enjoy food. And that’s living. – Ursula Andress

65. It is in the nature of cats to do a certain amount of unescorted roaming. – Adlai Stevenson

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66. Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose. – Garrison Keillor

67. No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to be plenty of kittens. – Abraham Lincoln

68. Two things are aesthetically perfect in the world – the clock and the cat. – Emile Auguste Chartier

69. When a cat chooses to be friendly, it’s a big deal, because a cat is picky. – Mike Deupree

70. A cat’s name may tell you more about its owners than it does about the cat. – Linda W. Lewis

71. Two cats can live as cheaply as one, and their owner has twice as much fun. – Lloyd Alexander

72. Since each of us is blessed with only one life, why not live it with a cat? – Robert Stearns

73. In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. – Terry Pratchett

74. There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat. – Tay Hohoff

75. A cat pours his body on the floor like water. It is restful just to see him. – William Lyon Phelps

76. Any household with at least one feline member has no need for an alarm clock. – Louise A. Belcher

77. The key to a successful new relationship between a cat and human is patience. – Susan Easterly

78. My relationships with my cats has saved me from a deadly, pervasive ignorance. – William S. Burroughs

79. A cat is there when you call her – if she doesn’t have something better to do. – Bill Adler

80. Even if you have just destroyed a Ming Vase, purr. Usually all will be forgiven. – Lenny Rubenstein

81. Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow. – Jeff Valdez

82. In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the cat. – Warren Eckstein

83. There is no cat ‘language’. Painful as it is for us to admit, they don’t need one. – Barbara Holland

84. Cats have it all — admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it. – Rod McKuen

85. If you are worthy of its affection, a cat will be your friend, but never your slave. – Theophile Gautier

86. Most cats, when they are Out want to be In, and vice versa, and often simultaneously. – Louis F. Camuti

87. In the middle of a world that had always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence. – Rosanne Amberson

88. If there is one spot of sun spilling onto the floor, a cat will find it and soak it up. – Joan Asper McIntosh

89. When I play with my cat, who knows if I am not a pastime to her more than she is to me? – Montaigne

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90. The furry little buggers [cats] are just deep, deep wells you throw your emotions into. – Bruce Schimmel

91. I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul. – Jean Cocteau

92. If a cat did not put a firm paw down now and then, how could his human remain possessed. – Winifred Carriere

93. I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior. – Hippolyte Taine

94. I regard cats as one of the great joys in the world. I see them as a gift of highest order. – Trisha McCagh

95. The man who carries a cat by the tail learns something that can be learned in no other way. – Mark Twain

96. Way down deep, we’re all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them. – Jim Davis

97. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat. – Mark Twain

98. If I die before my cat, I want a little of my ashes put in his food so I can live inside him. – Drew Barrymore

99. Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. – Robert A. Heinlein

100. A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does stand on two legs. – Sarah Thompson

Bonus Cat Quotes

101. The trouble with sharing one’s bed with cats is that they’d rather sleep on you than beside you. – Pam Brown

102. Actually, cats do this to protect you from gnomes who come and steal your breath while you sleep. – John Dobbin

103. A cat can be trusted to purr when she is pleased, which is more than can be said for human beings. – William Ralph Inge

104. If you would know what a cat is thinking about, you must hold its paw in your hand for a long time. – Jules Champfleury

105. Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties. – Walter Lionel George

106. Cats are absolute individuals, with their own ideas about everything, including the people they own. – John Dingman

107. Don’t think that I’m silly for liking it, I just happen to like the simple little things, and I love cats! – Michelle Gardner