Epic Quotes

[wpsm_quote author=”Aesop” float=”none” width=”100%”]A false tale often betrays itself.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Aesop” float=”none” width=”100%”]Every tale is not to be believed.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Anatole Broyard” float=”none” width=”100%”]The epic implications of being human end in more than this: We start our lives as if they were momentous stories, with a beginning, a middle and an appropriate end, only to find that they are mostly middles.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Anatole France” float=”none” width=”100%”]A tale without love is like beef without mustard: insipid.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Charlton Heston” float=”none” width=”100%”]An epic is the easiest kind of picture to make badly.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”E. O. Wilson” float=”none” width=”100%”]The true evolutionary epic, retold as poetry, is as intrinsically ennobling as any religious epic.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Ernest Hemingway” float=”none” width=”100%”]All bad writers are in love with the epic.[/wpsm_quote]

Famous quotes

[wpsm_quote author=”Ernest Renan” float=”none” width=”100%”]The epic disappeared along with the age of personal heroism; there can be no epic with artillery.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Jackie Chan” float=”none” width=”100%”]As one tale ends, so another begins.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Lascelles Abercrombie” float=”none” width=”100%”]An epic is not made by piecing together a set of heroic lays, adjusting their discrepancies and making them into a continuous narrative.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Lascelles Abercrombie” float=”none” width=”100%”]Epic poetry exhibits life in some great symbolic attitude. It cannot strictly be said to symbolize life itself, but always some manner of life.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Lascelles Abercrombie” float=”none” width=”100%”]If epic poetry is a definite species, the sagas do not fall within it.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Lascelles Abercrombie” float=”none” width=”100%”]The first epics were intended for recitation; the literary epic is meant to be read.[/wpsm_quote]

Best quotes of all time

[wpsm_quote author=”Mark O’Connell” float=”none” width=”100%”]The culture of the Epic Fail, in its rituals of comic sacrifice, is a culture of sublimated predation.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”N. K. Jemisin” float=”none” width=”100%”]With epic fantasy, there is a tendency for it to be quintessentially conservative in that its job is to restore what is perceived to be out of whack.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Patricia A. Mckillip” float=”none” width=”100%”]Epics are never written about libraries. They exist on whim; it depends on if the conquering army likes to read.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Robin S. Sharma” float=”none” width=”100%”]Epic production has less to do with your willpower and more to do with the routines you install. Get those right, and you’ll enjoy exponential results automatically.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Susan Fletcher” float=”none” width=”100%”]The tale is often wiser than the teller.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”Thomas Carlyle” float=”none” width=”100%”]The true epic of our times is not “Arm’s and the Man,” but “Tools and the Man”–an infinitely wider kind of epic.[/wpsm_quote]
[wpsm_quote author=”William Shakespeare” float=”none” width=”100%”]An honest tale speeds best being plainly told.[/wpsm_quote]